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Psychological Counseling Unit

The Psychological Counseling Unit is the unit that provides support for Istinye University students in the face of a biopsychosocial situation that makes their lives difficult. Our unit, where students can receive support in case of an individual, social or academic problem, also provides support through workshops and training programs.

All services provided by the Psychological Counseling Unit are free of charge and the services provided are as follows:

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • Article Series

Our Psychological Counseling Unit is managed by Clinical Psychologist Selin Öztürk and Saime Serpil Özgül. Individual appointments are meetings where one can get support in case of encountering any problem that makes their life difficult. The difficulties experienced may differ from person to person. All these difficulties are processes that can be resolved by increasing the coping skills of the individual and making informative sessions on the issue that causes discomfort. All the information shared in the session are kept confidential in line with ethical principles due to the session confidentiality principle. Due to the pandemic process, our psychotherapy sessions continue online. Our sessions will be organized after you fill in the application form and send an e-mail to Our sessions take 40 minutes. Depending on the client’s problem, session durations will be planned out with them.

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*Sessions are conducted in English.

The person develops a belief that it is only himself who has the problem, since the problems he experiences negatively affect his problem solving skills. In group therapies, the aim is to show people with this belief that they are not the only ones who have the problem, and that other people also experience difficulties in coping with problems in life, and to provide ways to gain self-expression skills and social skills again.

Group Therapies from Previous Terms

  • Exam Anxiety Group Therapy
  • Anger Group Therapy
  • Emotional Awareness Training Program

*Sessions are conducted in English.

These are events that provide information about problematic issues and that address solutions in an application-based interactive manner. The Psychological Counseling Unit carries out these events by assessing students’ needs and demands in the areas they have difficulties in. Depending on the need, experts on the subject are invited and events are organized with expert support.

The Psychological Counseling Unit writes series of articles based on experiences in life, in order to increase the awareness in students.