Sağlık, Kültür ve Spor Daire Başkanlığı

International Student Guidance

hbInternational Student Guidance unit is a sub-unit of Student Center Office established for providing academic and non-academic support to all of our International Students studying at Istinye University. We aim to guide you about both academic (course, exam and etc.) and non-academic (dormitories, transportation and etc.) matters, including life at İstinye. We try to find an answer and a solution for all of your problems, endevour to guide you till you meet the right administravie/academic staff to complete the process. We are aware of the toughness of starting to live in a new country and studying at a university, therefore we try to give supervising frequently to all of our International Students. Our first priority is your proper adaptation to ISU. As International Student Guides we care about your social life along with your academic achivements. In this regard, the International Student Guidance Works for preparing events, tournaments, contests, educative panels and conferences, Tea&Talk meetings and special days to provide unique university life experience to you, along with providing a space for you to maintain your cultural habits. We are International Student Guides, we are located in both campuses to help you, answer your questions, hear your suggestions to maintain a nonstobale campus journey for you, and listen your academic and non-academic problems to enhance our processes for you.